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SEO Audit, Optimizing and Tracking Your Site

First of all, SEO and search engine is about building traffic and when your site manages to get a high rank in the search engine, this means more traffic for your site.

But then, there are a few things that should be checked for optimization and tracking your site to get a higher rating or higher rank. Before optimizing your site, you need to know that you can give the search engines a site that is fresh, unique, and easy to understand with free, digital use for all at the same time.

Here are some steps that you can do to help your site get a higher rank after it is done.

SEO Audit

SEO stands for search engine optimization where your site needs to properly search engine-friendly. The best way to audit your optimization is by doing a technical check. Doing a check will check out whether the site has been indexed by the search engines or not. You also need to check how much content is there inside your site or whether keywords are well-known by the search engines.

To check the robot.txt file, you need to do a site map and try to get it as a PHP file. Give the SE spider access to the site main files through the use of the robot.txt file.

Keyword research and analysis

You need to find keywords or phrases that are being used right now by people for the kinds of things that your site is offering. Say you have an internet page that is dedicated to giving information on the difference between the types of brains. There are times when the phrase “brain types” will match those words that are being used in the search engines.

There are several keyword suggestion tools like Google AdWords where you can search for the most used phrases that are related to your site or business. Those are your keywords or key phrases. Your goal now is to find those phrases that are exclusive to your site and none is competing.

Analyzing your site is vital to your success in your SEO efforts

You need to find what is the reason for the slow and steady pace of your site. Not all people like to buy a product from a site that is slow. You also need to analyze the bounce rates as well. Remember, if your bounce rate is high, your site will be moved back down the search engine ranks.

Remember to check your site for the following: broken links, too many graphics or inactive links, or any other site components that can slow down the site.

Optimization and tracking of your site

When you have done the check, you need to find out the problem that brings about the low or low ranking. This time, you need to do a better competitive analysis. If you purchase a product that tells you how to increase your page rank, then this is the wrong choice.

Do you need to understand how do the major search engines find your site?

A lot of engines use robot.txt as your navigation tool. The trick here is to find out the right way that the spider will find your site. Remember the steps that have been mentioned earlier about writing a unique content and giving your site a fresh design.

Keyword density

You need to come up with a perfect weight of the keyword phrases that you want to be found for right now. Move on to grammatical check. Will your site sound like it is just stuffed with keywords?

You need to eradicate these keywords which will bring your site results back to squares. It is also wise to check keyword density by prioritizing them and choosing the best.

Don’t forget to check your links. Check your links and find out if are working perfectly and if there are any broken links inside. Ask people who have used your product if they found it effective. Do not worry because you can fix it with a few clicks.

SEO and optimizing your site is very important for your site to climb the ranks and to get to the top. Do not waste your time just checking your internal links or making your meta tags endure. Just think of what you need to do to boost the ranking of your site and you will do it in no time.

All your efforts will be rewarded when you take your site to the top. Explore all of the possibilities out there.

Do not be lazy and do your job in a good manner, it will be worth it for you my time.

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