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How Often Should You Post on your Blog? (For Getting Maximum Traffic)

This is a very interesting question that came in every blogger mind that how often should you post on your blog? Let’s answer this!

You know what?

There are many answers for this!

And I will answer this question in many forms…

How Often Should You Post on your Blog?

Let’s answer each question in a different form!

I will show you what happens if you post daily, two times a day, more than two times a day, 3 times a week or once a week.

Should You Post Daily on Your Blog?

So, the first question is that should you post daily on your blog?

and the answer is Yes if your blog is new then you must post daily to get some quick audience!

I know some people who post daily on their blog and earning a good amount of money from it!

Don’t forget to make your daily post above 800-1000 Words long so that it can rank high on google.

If you are consistent on your blog then you’ll start making money from it.

Should You Post Two Times a Day?

If you are running a news site then you must publish two times a day for better exposure!


if you are running any type of blog other than news, and if you don’t have a content writer then don’t publish more than 1 times a day,

because no readers will read your all blog post on the same day, if you post 1 time a day then readers will get engaged!

Should You Post More than Two Times a Day?

The world’s biggest blog i.e. HuffingtonPost publishes a news blog post every 59 seconds on an average!

Huffington Post Publishes a New Blog Post Every 59 Seconds​


the question is that posting more than two times a day works?

The answer is Yes, of course, the more you post, the more chances that you’ll get find by someone.

But.. wait

I won’t recommend posting more than 2 times a day for your blog because posting more than two times a day will not means that you’ll post quality content.

It will be just Quantity over Quality,

Google likes quality content and your audience too like quality content!

Even every blog post of HuffingtonPost not get ranked on the top of google search.

So don’t post more than two times a day unless you have super big team of writers otherwise you’ll waste your time!

Should You Post 3 Times a Week?

Yes, this is one of the ideal frequency of blogging!

Even I try to post 3 times a week.

If you are posting 3 times a week that means you are focusing on high-quality articles!

This is the best Frequency of Posting a blog post because you’re posting around 12 articles a month and not articles, I will say quality articles.

Many big blogs focus on this and they get good results, I also recommend this frequency.

The Best Ideal Frequency to Publish a Blog Post is 3 Times a Week!

Should You Post 1 Times a Week?

Yes, you can even blogger like Neil Patel does it!

But when you post only 1 time a week then you supposed to post pillar content of more than 3,000 words, because you are only posting 4 articles a month but if they were of more than 3,000 words then you’ll start getting traffic, and eventually, you’ll make money.

I only recommend this if you have no time or if you’re doing a job.

so finally I think you get an answer to my question “How Often should you post on your blog?”

What is the Best Frequency to Post on your Blog?

I think posting daily or posting 3 times a week helps and you should choose between these two of them!

I think posting daily or posting 3 times a week helps and you should choose between these two of them!

I recommend you to create a spreadsheet for your blog post creation. You can feed your content plan there and you supposed to tick it when you completed your job (blog posting).


Here is the total conclusion is,

Daily Posting – For Tech Bloggers and News Site

Posting Two Times a Day – For News Site

Posting More than 2 Times a Day – For Big Sites having Lots of Content Writers

Posting 3 Times a Week – Ideal and Recommended Frequency

Posting 1 Times a Week – Bloggers Having Less Time

I think this helps you, if you have any doubts then comment below and i’ll help you by responding everyone!

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